Wetland Habitat Creation, Construction

Miles Water Engineering has been involved in a wide range of habitat creation projects over many years. We have become well adverse at working within the requirements of these projects to successfully achieve the goals. Whether it be a sensitive site like a SSSI or reserve, or have sensitive conditions like its bird nesting season. We are experienced in making sure all requirements are met.

Our experience of building all kinds of water features often in challenging environments means that whether it is poor ground conditions or fluctuating water levels, we have the skills, experience and machines to carry out the task.

Our portfolio of past projects includes the Wildlife Trust, RSPB, National Trust, AONB, Estuary Partnerships, River Trusts, and Piscatorial Societies.

Please view our site and we look forward to your questions and enquiries To see examples of our work, including lake construction & reservoir construction please visit or gallery page