Underwater Plasma Cutting

Miles Water Engineering Ltd has the ability to cut metals on site both above and below water to a thickness of 70mm using specialist plasma cutting machines.

Miles Water Engineering is able to cut various metals achieving all the benefits of cutting with plasma; environmentally friendly, fast, clean cut and cost effective.

History of Underwater Plasma Cutting

Underwater plasma cutting began in the 1990’s when the atomic power industry faced the challenges of extending the life of existing nuclear plants and decommissioning non operational nuclear plants. Overcoming the problems of underwater cutting has been a challenge to plasma equipment manufacturers and now its possible to cut below 100 feet (30.48 m) for offshore applications.

Benefits of underwater Plasma Cutting


Underwater Plasma Cutting - Case study - Miles Water Engineering

Miles Water Engineering was awarded the contract to cut down steel pile sheets from waterworks river on the Olympic site.Underwater Plasma Cutting


Working from a pontoon 800m of 10mm sheet piles were removed from site by barge using plasma cutting equipment

Miles Water Engineering was able to cut the sheets below water to leave a clean cut in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner in comparison to traditional methods.

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