Reservoir Construction and Reservoir Lining Systems


To many people, the construction of a reservoir is a daunting prospect. Our depth of experience in the design and construction of reservoirs, lagoons & slurry systems means that we can quickly offer solutions to most problems.

We have built many reservoirs, large and small, and specialise in providing a full design and build service to the industrial, civil & agricultural market. Our experienced staff will handle all aspects of your reservoir construction project, including planning and licence applications.

The Reservoirs Act 1975

‘Any facility capable of storing 25000m³of water above the lowest adjacent ground level falls under the jurisdiction of the Reservoirs Act 1975.

To comply with the Act the design and construction of the reservoir has to be certified by an engineer appointed to a panel appropriate for the type of facility’. Many of our projects have fallen under jurisdiction of this Act and we are familiar with all aspects of design and construction to ensure that projects fully comply with its requirements.


Most water areas like reservoirs require automatic control of water supply and levels and are enhanced by moving water. Our unique in-house facilities enable us to design and fabricate pumping systems, pump houses and electrical controls tailor made to your requirements.

With a background of designing, constructing and installing lined systems for reservoirs, we offer expertise and advice which is second to none. Liners are installed by our own trained technicians who travel throughout the UK and beyond. A range of techniques are employed to suit different applications and materials. We offer a cutting and welding service to produce liners to any shape or size. Backed up by high technology welding equipment, liners can be welded on site.

We would recommend the use of polyethylene membranes in most situations, for the containment of liquids and solids, hazardous and non-hazardous (e.g. chemicals, dirty water, slurry, portable water and large water reservoirs). Polyethylene offers mechanical and chemical advantages over many other materials and is particularly suitable for the construction of water areas including reservoirs.

The main advantages of polyethylene are:

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Recent Work Desilting with long reach plant

Wicksteed Park

Miles Water working at Kettering Lake desilting with specialist ‘long reach’ plant.

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