Pumping Filtration & Lighting Systems

We offer a unique and specialist service for pumping, filtering systems, controls and lighting, suitable for use in all aspects of water management including Lake and Reservoir Construction.

Drawing on our expertise gathered over 90 years of trading, we have the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills which are second to none. Much of our work involves specialist consultancy for pumping, filtration, lighting and controls especially for the renovation or construction of water features including Lake and Reservoir construction projects. This can be purely as an advisory role, but often Miles undertake and oversee the whole project. Design is a vital element which is complementary to consultancy and construction.

Our multi –disciplines, experience and specialist skills can be brought in as part of a large design team, whether it be solely in a design capacity or to utilise our full range of expertise.

Our in-house fabrication of pumping, filter systems and control panels offer professional bespoke systems and often cost savings for water management projects.

Miles operates its own plant equipment with highly experienced and trained staff to undertake renovation and new construction in areas of sensitive landscapes, wetland areas, listed buildings and SSSI projects, both in the UK and overseas. We pride ourselves on providing the skills, expertise and flair to complete contracts successfully and on time.

Please view our site and we look forward to your questions and enquiries To see examples of our work, including lake construction & reservoir construction please visit or gallery page