Specialist Plant Hire

Mobile Silt Trap- Settling Tanks

Miles Water Engineering can offer Siltbuster units for hire. These Silt Buster FB50 units are supplied with a range of fittings and are used a mobile silt trap to help control the sediment levels discharged during on site pumping

For all enquiries please call 01359 242356

Bog Mats for hire

Miles Water Engineering can supply for hire timber bog mats to allow access across unstable ground. These mats come in a range of sizes up to 6 metres long and 2 metres wide They are available in thicknesses from 100mm up to 350mm Once in place they are suitable for vehicles up to ?? mt

Underwater Plasma Cutting Hire

Miles Water Engineering Ltd has the ability to cut metals on site both above and below water to a thickness of 70mm using specialist plasma cutting machines. Miles Water Engineering is able to cut various metals achieving all the benefits of cutting with plasma; environmentally friendly, fast, clean cut and cost effective. - For more information on Underwater Plasma cutting please click here