Pond & Lake Construction

Miles Water Engineering offers a comprehensive service for the construction of water features. Our skills and extensive experience allow us to offer a surveying and consultancy role to help clients asses issues like soil types, water sources, environmental issues and what licences and consents are required.

The Miles team can work alongside architects and engineers or solely in house to consider the site conditions, design requirements and budgets to offer well considered, practical and effective solutions    

If and when a project develops further to the point of construction we can offer contracting services provided by our experienced personnel and specialist machinery. We have built lakes and ponds of all shapes and sizes in historic parklands and in the middle of urban shopping centres. We have built them in all soil types and have overcome a wide array of water source issues. Whether the lakes requires working of natural clays in a flat or lining with polyethylene in a sandy valley our clients have relied on us to design and construct appropriate and dependable features within all the project constraints and requirements.

Current WorkBeaulieu Lake Construction

Lake Construction , Miles working on a new lake construction project for a client in Beaulieuin the New Forest .

Please view our site and we look forward to your questions and enquiries To see examples of our work, including lake construction & reservoir construction please visit or gallery page