Flood Defences

Miles Water Engineering has been involved with a great many flood defence projects including many river bank repairs, creation and future proofing works.

We have worked on a range of solutions for various clients both private and public and with numerous engineers and consultants to produce the most suitable approach to tackle the problem.

We offer services that solve problems such as embankment erosion, settlement, cracking, damage from major events or to ensure defences are future proofed against rising water levels. This can involve major earthmoving and or the installation of revetments or bio engineering solutions.

Whether it is and old embankment with issues of settlement or cracking, or rising water levels meaning current defences are inadequate or damaged from events like storm surges.

Miles Water Engineering have the knowledge and machinery to find a cost effective and value engineered solutions in even the most difficult tidal circumstances or where remoteness and ground conditions need to be considered carefully.

Often our solutions are much more cost effective and more environmentally sensitive than our competition and often involve employing dynamic techniques to achieve this.

We pride ourselves in offering environmentally sensitive and innovative answers to solve problems in the most viable and appropriate way possible.

Recent flood defence projects include :

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