Erosion Control and Bio engineering, Bank Revetments

A common issue to address on waterways and water bodies is dealing with erosion control and bank stabilisation .

Bio engineering is one way to deal with the problem. It is the use of vegetation to stabilise & protect water edges and banks . There are many ways of utilising natural products to control erosion.

Miles Water Engineering has for many years been using the appropriate products / techniques to full fill the demands of each location. Balancing aesthetics, with performance, with budgets and with environmental sustainability. Miles has used a vast range of erosion control products, chosen to provide the solution to the problem whilst full filling any other site specific requirements, whether it be in a lake , pond, river or reservoir etc

Examples of erosion control solutions used by Miles Water Engineering:

Miles Water Engineering has also employed more conventional methods of erosion control . for example

Current Work

Erosion Control, Piling of a river bank to prevent further erosion of bridge foundations, at Wisely Golf Club, Surrey.

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