Dredging & Water Feature Renovation

Miles Water Engineering has been undertaking water body renovation projects for many years.

Many of these renovation projects involve dredging and silt removal. We have used both conventional de silting methods and also innovative techniques to achieve the project goals in the most appropriate, affordable and environmentally sensitive way possible. Whether it be mechanical excavation using super long reach excavators loading track dumpers, silt pushers removing sediment inaccessible by any other method, or by pumping silts to locations which no machine can reach we have developed and utilised the complete spectrum of silt removal techniques.

Employing our own specialist machinery and experienced operators allows us to offer a service for dredging both on land and on water using floating equipment. Miles water Engineering has experience of dredging all kinds of water bodies no matter whether that water way be a tidal river, private moat or urban lake.

Our knowledge and experience of dredging allows us to advise and develop the best solution for the application, on projects from 1000 to 100000m3.

Recent Work Desilting with long reach plant

Wicksteed Park

Miles Water working at Kettering Lake desilting with specialist ‘long reach’ plant.

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