Bespoke Water Controls

Miles Water Engineering offers design, fabrication and installation services for various water controls.

We have in house manufacturing facilities which allow us to create bespoke solutions ensuring the most appropriate, sustainable and cost effective results can be achieved. Our innovative and proactive approach often results in more effective and better value answers than an off the shelf product could.

Miles Water Engineering employs specialist equipment and personnel to install both our bespoke fabrications and also commercially available weirs, penstocks, drop board sluices, fish passes, flap valves, gate valves and more.

The complete service available includes the necessary dewatering and coffer dam systems like Aqua Dams, to allow both the infrastructure and the water control to be installed. Our experience with working with water, often in poor ground conditions, in remote and environmentally sensitive areas allows us to successfully tackle water control projects that many civil engineering contractors would decline.

Please view our site and we look forward to your questions and enquiries To see examples of our work, including lake construction & reservoir construction please visit or gallery page